Friday, April 12, 2013

Tales from the Aerobics Studio

In the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program, we ask our students to start a new body practice as part of their learning experience. The purpose is to become a beginner again (how long has it been since you were a true beginner at something?).  Every few years, I sign up for that part of the class, too. Usually I do this in secret, just in case my usual resistance and lack of follow-through show up. I don’t want the students to see that I, too, struggle with this assignment.

But this time, I thought I’d go public.  I’m taking step aerobics classes at my local Y, and, while I can feel my body getting more fit, my mind is also enjoying the beginner's journey as well. 

Chapter 1:  The journey begins with the “Never”

A few months ago, I was taking a walk around the track at the Y and saw a friend working out in the aerobics room. She was sweating and breathing hard, and, I have to admit, having fun, too.  “I could never do that!” I told her and explained all of my excuses and reasons.  

That word “never” began working on me that very day until I finally realized that my leisurely walks around the track weren’t going to get me where I wanted to be. The next thing I knew, I started asking about the classes, checking out the schedule, finding the right clothes.

Two months later, I’m in there with her, sweating and breathing heavy too!

Question: Where in your life is there a "never" waiting to begin?

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