Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the Water to Port Clyde

Living in Maine, the Vacation State, doesn't mean that (a) we're on vacation all the time or (b) that we don't head out on vacations to other parts of the world.

My husband and I have place holders on our calendars for trips to take when the conditions are just right.  Yesterday's sun and a forecast with two few nice days in a row, put our boat trip to Port Clyde to the top of the list.

This was our first overnight trip together on our boat.  Now, out boat isn't big - just 26 ft - and isn't decked out with lots of luxury or life supporting technology.  There is a toilet, covered space to sleep - so it's a little like camping on the water.

We stowed the sleeping bags, the camp stove, a change of clothes, and instant coffee, and set off across the water for an overnight trip.

For our water camping we need a place to sleep that provides a mooring or slip (we don't like to anchor - too many rocks!), someone who will come get us from the boat and take us ashore (we can't bring the dingy with us on a long trip), and available food (we can't store food or cook!).

Port Clyde fit the bill! It had all these requirements, and, of course, it's a lovely place to spend the night.

We're home now, refreshed, a little sleepy - and ready to take on all the non-vacation commitments facing us in the coming week.