Friday, April 26, 2013

Tales from the Aerobics Studio - 2

Chapter 2: Breaking a Sweat

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but one of my “reasons” for not exercising was - I just don’t like to sweat!  Then, if you add that my face turns bright red and stays that way for an hour, I think you can see why I prefer leisurely hikes through the woods and walking around the track. 

I certainly wasn’t ready to push myself to create sweat!

After a month of aerobic classes, however, I think I’ve had a breakthrough in the domain of sweat.  It’s really not as dangerous or distasteful as I was imagining.  I do live a life style that includes ready access to showers and laundry facilitates, for gosh sakes! And, I haven’t driven anyone away in horror with my red face (am I really not the center of the universe?). 

I’m traveling today, and, with some extra time in my schedule, I grabbed my I-pod and hit the fitness room at the hotel, and worked up a sweat!  I still don’t like it, and still resist  pushing myself to work hard, but I did it.

As many people know, music helps, so I just want to acknowledge the UNCG Sapphires - my workout music. When I was ready to quit, their song “Not Giving Up” was just right to push beyond my limits.  

Check them out on YouTube here

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